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Who is Droplit?

Droplit Records, and those who represent it, are truly passionate about artists and musicians, and are dedicated to ensuring their individual sound is heard across the world. 
With deep roots in the complex and vivid world of Electronic Dance Music, and hailing from the dirty, southern grit of Rap and Hip-Hop, while paying homage to classical sounds and live instruments, Droplit Records weaves futuristic vibes and knocks down genre walls, housing only artists you will love... 

Founded in 2017, by Emilio V. Orengo (a.k.a. Producer/DJ "EVO"), alongside a select team of like-minded and driven Artists, Droplit Records works directly with the artists to ensure a memorable journey, guiding them down their path to success, with one common goal in their sights: the music. Providing a comfortable, casual environment, and offering professional production, mixing, and mastering services, with a foundation built by artists for artists, Droplit Records stands strong as the best choice for your music!

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