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EVO, formally known as Emilio Victoriano Orengo, is widely known for his love of the 808, and that southern trap grind, and it shows in the beats that drive his music. Having grown up most of his life in middle and east Tennessee, the foundation of southern grind is instilled deeply in his soul. Music remained a constant throughout EVO's childhood, always there when he began to wander, guiding him to a future more grand and exuberent than he would ever know. With heart-pounding bass-lines and fervent melodies, carried by cinematic orchestras and head-knocking beats, EVO beseeches the carnal passion of all his listeners, and meets their submission zealously... 

EVO has played on stages alongside some of the most talented local producers and DJs of Knoxville, TN and the southeast region, and is swiftly making his presence known on the west coast. Whether it's a chiller future bass kind of night, or a room full of ragers ready to headbang, EVO blends the genres and mixes the beats like only he can, impressing new and old ears alike.

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